What is mulch glue?

mulch in a garden bed

Question: What is mulch glue? I’ve come across the term while researching gardening supplies, but I’m not familiar with it. Can you provide a brief explanation? – James P.

Gardening Channel Replies: Mulch glue, also known as mulch adhesive or mulch binder, is a product designed to help secure mulch in place, preventing it from being washed or blown away by wind, rain, or other environmental factors. Let’s briefly discuss its primary purpose and application:

Purpose of Mulch Glue

Mulch glue is particularly useful in areas where mulch displacement is a concern, such as on slopes, in high-traffic spots, or in locations prone to heavy rainfall or strong winds. By keeping the mulch in place, the glue helps maintain an even layer, ensuring that the mulch continues to provide benefits such as moisture retention, temperature regulation, and weed suppression.

Application of Mulch Glue

Mulch glue is typically available in liquid form and can be applied to the surface of the mulch using a sprayer, brush, or roller. When applying, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper mixing, coverage, and drying time. Once dry, the glue forms a flexible, permeable barrier that holds the mulch together while still allowing water and nutrients to penetrate the soil below.

In summary, mulch glue is a product designed to secure mulch in place, protecting it from displacement due to environmental factors. By using mulch glue, you can maintain a consistent layer of mulch, ensuring its effectiveness in promoting healthy plant growth and soil conditions.

Is it Nontoxic?

Most mulch glue products on the market are formulated to be nontoxic and environmentally friendly, ensuring that they are safe for use around plants, pets, and people. After all, mulch is designed to be around plants, so it only makes sense!

When selecting a mulch glue, it’s important to look for products that are labeled as nontoxic and made from natural or organic ingredients. Some mulch glues are water-based and contain biodegradable components, which minimize their impact on the environment.

Always read and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper use, application, and safety precautions. This includes information on any potential hazards, required personal protective equipment, and safe disposal methods.

This is just one brand. Other companies make competing products.

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