What is an F1 Tomato?

F1 hybrid cherry tomatoes
F1 tomatoes are another way of saying first generation hybrid tomatoes.

Question: What is an F1 tomato? I’ve come across the term while browsing for tomato seeds, but I’m not exactly sure what it means. Could you please explain? – Sarah B.

Gardening Channel Replies: F1 tomatoes, or more broadly, F1 hybrids, refer to a specific category of hybrid tomato plants that have been selectively bred for particular traits. To better understand the term, let’s break it down:

  1. F1: The “F1” part stands for “first filial generation.” This indicates that these tomato plants are the first-generation offspring produced by crossing two different parent plants, each with distinct and desirable characteristics.
  2. Hybridization Process: The process of creating an F1 hybrid involves carefully selecting and cross-pollinating two purebred parent plants. The goal is to combine the best traits from each parent, resulting in offspring that exhibit superior qualities, such as improved disease resistance, increased yield, or enhanced flavor.
  3. Advantages of F1 Tomatoes: F1 hybrids typically demonstrate a phenomenon known as “hybrid vigor.” This means that they often produce higher yields, and demonstrate better resistance to pests and diseases compared to their non-hybrid counterparts.
  4. Seeds and Consistency: It is essential to note that while F1 hybrids offer several benefits, their seeds may not produce plants with the same characteristics in the following generation. This is because the genetic traits may segregate and recombine differently, leading to variability in the offspring. As a result, gardeners seeking to maintain the desired traits should purchase new F1 seeds each season.

To sum it up, an F1 tomato is a first-generation hybrid tomato plant resulting from the cross-pollination of two carefully selected parent plants. These hybrids often exhibit improved qualities such as increased yield, better disease resistance, and enhanced growth vigor. However, it’s important to remember that the seeds from F1 tomatoes may not produce consistent results in subsequent generations.

Consider growing heirloom tomatoes if you want to save your seeds and grow the same plant again next year.

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