Best Ways to Buy Cheap Land for a Homestead

Homestead house under construction

by Erin Marissa Russell

Looking for the best ways to buy cheap land for a homestead? Once you’ve decided to buy a homestead, the next step is to find the right piece of land—and part of finding the right piece of land is finding a piece of land for the right price. Here, we’ll explain the best ways we know to buy cheap land for your homestead.

  • Craigslist: Although this option can be somewhat hit or miss, you don’t want to skip it. Craigslist allows sellers and buyers to find one another, and it’s completely organized by location, so it’s simple to find land in the area you’re looking for. Craigslist keeps buyers and sellers anonymous through the communication phase of shopping.
  • Driving Tour: Lots of land for sale just isn’t listed anywhere. To find these sellers, you need to drive the backroads of the area where you’d like to buy. Lots of sellers simply put a sign out in the yard and wait for calls to come in about buying their land. Don’t discount the possibility of finding what you’re looking for with a For Sale sign out front.
  • EBay: It may not be the first possibility that comes to mind when you think about buying land, but don’t forget to check EBay periodically. You can do advanced searches for land in a certain region or within a certain price range. Often, these auctions are for the down payment, and the seller will handle the financing, so the bank isn’t behind it.
  • Facebook: Don’t miss out on the deals it’s possible to find on Facebook. Search for buy/sell/trade groups in your area, and search for ones specifically for sellers of land. Facebook also allows you to be proactive in shopping, as you can make a listing specifically about what you’re looking to buy.
  • Free Land: Some places offer incentives for buyers so that you can get your land for free. Check into places that offer free land, including Curtis, Nebraska; Cuyahoga National Park, Ohio; Elwood, Nebraska; Lincoln, Kansas; Loup City, Nebraska; Manilla, Iowa; Mankato, Kansas; Marne, Iowa; Marquette, Kansas; New Richland, Minnesota; Osborne, Kansas; Plainville, Kansas
  • If you’re looking for land in Canada, don’t forget to check out Kijiji. Listings are organized by region to make it easy to find what you’re looking for. In addition to housing and land, Kijiji also has listings for cars, jobs, and more.
  • This is a search engine that lets you find land by price or by acreage. Because you can search by price per acre, it’s easy to streamline your search to show you only the best deals. Listings include farms, ranches, residential land, and commercial land.
  • This engine lets you search by city, country, or state. Listings include land for sale, farms and ranches, hunting land, and homesites. 
  • Newspaper: A lot of sellers may be more old-school, not willing to advertise their land online. To find these listings, your best bet is the newspaper’s classified ads. Not only can you search the listings for land in the area you’re shopping, you can also take out a buyer’s ad. You may just connect with someone who has just what you’re looking for.
  • Periodicals: In addition to the local newspaper, pick up any periodicals you see that have local classified ads. Sometimes there will be a local magazine, Greensheet, Penny Saver, or other circular that has different ads that you’ll find in the newspaper. Many periodicals will let you place an ad as a buyer as well.

Now that you know all the best places to look for cheap land for homesteading, you get to enjoy the experience of shopping. Utilize more than one of these methods so you can sit back and let the listings come to you. Or, as several of these strategies allow, you can create a buyer’s listing and reach lots of potential sellers in one fell swoop.

Is there a different way that you search for land that we left out? Tell us so we can add it.

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