What country has the best peaches?

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QUESTION: What country has the best peaches? Are USA Georgia peaches the best, or is there something even better out there? -Hannah R.

ANSWER: The United States is known for having some of the best peaches. They’re currently listed as the fifth highest producer of peaches in the world.

However, quantity doesn’t always equate to quality, so what makes the United States the best producer of this delicious fruit?

The short answer is the climate and ability to process the peaches when harvested. There are many other countries which also have ideal growing conditions for peaches.

Considering peaches originated in China, we know this is one of the most ideal growing locations. This fruit was discovered in China over 4,000 years ago. There are some of the largest and oldest peach trees located in this area of the world.

Peaches began as a wild fruit, and they were small and sour. As history progressed, peaches were frequently traded on the Silk Road. This is how they entered Europe.

The Spanish brought peaches to Florida, during their explorations, in 1513.

China is the largest producer of this fruit in the world. You might assume because they are where this crop originated, China would produce the best fruit.

In some people’s opinion, they might. The issue is most of the peaches produced in China are grown on small family farms.

They don’t have large manufacturing companies which can process and ship peaches while they’re still fresh. For this reason, most of their fruit is sold locally.

Therefore, most of the world doesn’t get to enjoy them. For this reason, many people lean towards the United States as producing the best peaches.

They’re typically grown in South Carolina, California, New Jersey, and Georgia. All of these areas have the appropriate amount of rain, heat, humidity, and some host clay soil. These conditions produce tender, juicy, and flavorful peaches.

The United States is also known for producing a variety of peaches. They grow both yellow and white varieties. Yellow peaches are tangier where the white peaches contain less acid and are sweeter.

Many areas around the world have their preferences on peach varieties. For instance, Asia is known for producing gorgeous white peaches.

However, the United States produces different varieties of peaches to ensure every palate has something to enjoy.

Not only does the climate make America a good place to grow this fruit, but there are also many commercialized farms. Therefore, making it easier to get fruit picked, processed, and shipped while still fresh.

For this reason, you may hear discussion about which state has the best peaches, but you rarely hear of anyone arguing against the best peaches coming from America.

Obviously, if you’re able, you should travel to a variety of places and form your own opinion on which country has the best peaches.

In my opinion, it’s the US considering more people get to enjoy them, this country produces a variety of peaches, and the flavors of the different peaches are sure to suit most any palate.

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