The best Mother’s Day gardening gifts in 2024

Mother's Day Gardening gifts BBC Gardeners' World Product Guide

Good gift inspiration for gardening mothers can be hard to come by. A thoughtful present for a Mother’s Day  could be anything from a comfortable knee pad, to a personalised pot but to give it that special touch for Mother’s Day requires something more than just practicality.

To help set you on the right track for getting the perfect gardening gift for Mother’s Day, we’ve put together our pick of gardening themed gifts, so whether you’re buying for someone with lifelong green fingers, or just beginning their gardening journey, our guide is full of  inspiration.

We’ve also included some of our BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Best Buy-winning tools, which were all put to the test by our expert reviewers and came out on top, so you’ll know that you’re getting your mum the very best. We also only include plants and seeds that are suited to this time of year, so everything featured here is horticulturally relevant.

Looking for a garden-themed Mother’s Day card? Try Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, John Lewis, OhhDear, Paperchase, and Scribbler.

To send a bouquet of fresh, seasonal flowers, check out our guide to the best flower delivery services, or try Bloom & Wild, Arena, Eflorist, or Bloombox.

The best Mother’s Day gardening gifts for 2024

Engraved terracotta name pot

Engraved Terracotta Name Pot - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Engraved Terracotta Name Pot

Personalise a handmade terracotta plant pot with this engraving service from Letterfest. Each pot can be engraved with three lines of text, so you can include a thoughtful message. For an extra £3, you can also include herb, flower, or chilli seeds, so your mum can get growing too.

Price: £42

Buy an Engraved Terracotta Name Pot from Letterfest

Dianthus ‘I Love you’


For a time-honoured gardening gift, try carnations. Not only will they look great potted up on a patio or planted in a flowerbed, but carnations are the flower associated with Mother’s Day. They make a thoughtful, traditional gift.

Price: £7.99

Buy Dianthus ‘I Love you’ from Crocus

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Three-season women’s gardening trousers

BBC Gardeners' World magazine best gardening clothes three season gardening trousers
Three-season gardening trousers

Endorsed by the RHS these trousers are a great gift to help your mum through hours in the garden. They are designed with comfort in mind and made by gardeners, for gardeners. They come with a waterproof seat and padded knees, reinforced pockets for secateurs and knives and adjustable ankles to accommodate boots. They are water resistant and also have a high waistband to warm the back when bending over and are even given a relaxed cut specifically to suit women.

Price: £139

Buy the three-season gardening trousers from Genus

Garden Shed Gin

Garden Shed Gin - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Garden Shed Gin

Distilled using common backyard botanicals like burdock, dandelion root, and lavender, this dry, London-style gin makes a great garden-themed gift. Plus, a percentage of the profits are donated to Trees4Scotland and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, so you can do some good too.

Price: £37.95

Buy the Garden Shed Gin from Master of Malt

For more advice on gin gifts, check out these expert gin taste tests from our colleagues at BBC Good Food.

Emma Bridgewater roses mum mug

Roses mum emma
Roses Mum mug

This Emma Bridgewater mug is surrounded by roses and promises to make your mum feel like it’s Mother’s Day, every day. Each mug is made from cream-coloured earthenware and is decorated by hand at Emma Bridgewater’s factory.

Price: £25

Buy the Roses Mum Mug from Emma Bridgewater

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Caddy bag

Genus caddy bag
Genus caddy bag

This useful caddy bag is great for keeping all of your gardening essentials close at hand with space for tools, seeds and snacks. The bag has eight spacious external pockets as well as six inside ones so you shouldn’t run out of storage space. It’s ideal for both pro gardens and amateurs with a handy shoulder strap to help transport your gear from job to job.

Price: £69

Buy the Genus Caddy Bag from Genus

Chocolate gardening selection box

Chocolate Gardening Selection Box - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Chocolate Gardening Selection Box

Chocolates are a popular Mother’s Day gift, but they can be a little impersonal. Give a garden-loving mum thoughtful handmade Belgian chocolates, featuring cute garden-themed designs.

Price: £14.99

Buy the Chocolate Gardening Selection Box from Not on the High Street

BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine subscription

Magazine pic

Gift a subscription to BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine this Mother’s Day and pay just £25.75 for 6 issues. Your payment will then continue at £25.75 every 6 issues thereafter, saving you 30% on the usual shop price. You get a host of benefits with a subscription including the May issue which comes with our famous 2 for 1 Gardens entry card and guide, which offers 2 for 1 entry to 416 gardens nationwide, plus a bumper pack of 6 free seeds.

Price: £25.75

Buy a BBC Gardener’s World Magazine Subscription

Thompson & Morgan gin garden gift set

Thompson & Morgan Gin Garden Gift Set - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Thompson & Morgan Gin Garden Gift Set

Elevate their everyday gin and tonic with a home-grown garnish. This planter and seed set will help your mum grow cucumber, rosemary, basil and thyme, and give this classic drink a personal touch.

Price: £25.99

Buy the Thompson & Morgan Gin Garden Gift Set from Robert Dyas

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Haws copper indoor watering can

Succulent care guide - water sparingly
Haws Copper Indoor Watering Can

This charming watering can is as pretty as it is practical and would make a great gift for houseplant fans or greenhouse gardeners. Haws’ watering can is made by hand from solid copper.

Price: £75

Buy Copper Indoor Watering Can at Farrer and Tanner

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Neal’s Yard remedies citrus hand softener

Neal's Yard Citrus Hand Softener - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Neal’s Yard Citrus Hand Softener

This cruelty-free hand cream works wonderfully for dry, rough, and hardworking hands. With a light, pleasing scent from its fragrant ingredients, this cream packages luxury and utility, making it perfect for treating any gardening mums.

Price: £16.00

Buy Neal’s Yard Citrus Hand Softener from Neal’s Yard Remedies

For more inspiration, take a look at our guide to the best hand creams for gardeners.

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Personalised herb planter crate

Personalised Herb Planter Crate
Personalised Herb Planter Crate

Herb Planter Crates are a great Mother’s Day present and are ideal for storing all your herbal needs in one convenient place. They can sit in and outside and are great for the whole family to get involved with gardening. For a truly personal gift, choose one of 12 colours, and add a personalised message to the side of the crate.

Price: £34.95

Buy the Personalised Herb Planter Crate from PlantABox

Indoor allotment

Indoor Allotment - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Indoor Allotment

Kitchen herbs bring complex, natural flavour to any dish. This mini allotment will keep everything together, in a fun but practical planter with space for three little pots. What’s more, the shed isn’t just for decoration – your mum can open the door and store snips, soil pellets, and packs of coriander, basil, and oregano seeds, which are all included.

Price: £35

Buy the Indoor Allotment from Prezzybox

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Personalised denim gardening apron

Personalised Denim Gardening Apron - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Personalised Denim Gardening Apron

Gardening can be messy work, but an apron will help keep your mum mud-free, as well as offering useful pockets for little tools and packets of seeds. Made from hard-wearing denim, it can be personalised with your mum’s name.

Price: £35

Buy Personalised Denim Gardening Apron at Not on the High Street

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Jane Austen flowers growbar

Jane Austen Flowers Growbar - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Jane Austen Flowers Growbar

Literary mums might like the Jane Austen Flowers Growbar. Just add water to this neat collection of seeds to grow some of the flowers mentioned in the iconic author’s letters, and bring a touch of the Regency to any garden. If she’s not a fan of Austen, they have other fascinating collections of historical horticulture, such as a Victorian Flowers Growbar, an Artists’ Flowers Growbar, and collections of Medieval, Roman, and Biblical herbs.

Price: £12.95

Buy the Jane Austen Flowers Growbar on Etsy

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Kent and Stowe eversharp bypass secateurs

Kent and Stowe Eversharp Bypass Secateurs - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Kent and Stowe Eversharp Bypass Secateurs

Good secateurs will usually make for a welcome gift for any gardener, but this is doubly so for this Best Buy-winning set. Winners of our Best Buy for comfort, these secateurs are made of lightweight aluminium and FSC-certified ash. With a hard, sharp blade which easily cuts through live and dead wood, a ten-year warranty, and comfortable handles, these make a wonderful gardening gift for Mother’s Day.

Price: RRP £39.99

Buy the Kent and Stowe Eversharp Bypass Secateurs from Crocus

Read the full Kent and Stowe Eversharp Bypass Secateurs review.

For more, check out our tests of the best secateurs.

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Shesali artisan bird nester

Wildlife World Artisan Nester Shesali - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Wildlife World Artisan Nester Shesali

Wildlife loving mums will like this artisan nester. It’s made from recycled saris in Fairtrade workshops in Bangladesh, so it offers both a home for baby birds and a fair wage for the craftspeople that made it.

Price: £19.95

Buy the Shesali Artisan Bird Nester from Ethical Superstore

For more wildlife gift inspiration, check out our guides to nesting boxes, bird baths, and hedgehog houses, or take a look at the wildlife section of our guide to the best gardening gifts.

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Gold Leaf the dry touch gloves

Gardeners World Magazine Review of Gold Leaf The Dry Touch Gloves
Gardeners World Magazine Review of Gold Leaf The Dry Touch Gloves

These BBC Gardeners World Magazine Best Buy-winning gloves combine lightweight comfort with hard-wearing durability. They’re nimble enough for fine-detail work like weeding and are also water-repellent. However, they’re leather, so if your mum is vegan or vegetarian consider animal-friendly alternatives, like Best Buy winners, the Clip Glove Bamboo Fibre.

Price: RRP: £22.99

Buy Gold Leaf The Dry Touch Gloves from Crocus

Read the full Gold Leaf The Dry Touch Gloves review.

For more, check out our tests of the best gardening gloves.

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RHS Burgon & Ball flora & fauna kneeler

RHS Burgon and Ball Flora and Flauna Kneeling Pad
RHS Burgon and Ball Flora and Flauna Kneeling Pad

Gardening is a relaxing hobby, but hours spent kneeling in damp grass can take their toll. Bring a bit of comfort into the garden with this attractive kneeler. Thanks to a beautiful design taken from the RHSLindley Library, it’s less utilitarian than other kneelers, but its memory foam padding will keep your mum comfortable and dry.

Price: RRP £21.49

Buy RHS Burgon & Ball Flora & Fauna Kneeler on Amazon

For more, take a look at our guide to the best kneelers.

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Personalised copper trowel

Personalisable Copper Trowel - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Personalised Copper Trowel

A good trowel is an essential companion in the garden. Transform it into a thoughtful gift for your mum by adding a personalised message.

Price: £21

Buy the Personalised Copper Trowel from Not on the High Street

For more, check out tests of the best garden hand trowels.

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Cole & Mason H105349 burwell self-watering potted herb saver

Cole and Mason Self-Watering Potted Herb Keeper – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine
Cole and Mason Self-Watering Potted Herb Keeper

Built to sustain potted herbs, and extend their lifespan, this self-watering planter is perfect for a mum who likes to grow their own herbs, or simply wants to grow something in limited space. Each potted herb stands on its own absorbent felt pad, through which they draw water from the well below. Replacement pads are provided and each pad is washable and reusable.

Price: £40

Buy the Cole & Mason H105349 Burwell Self-Watering Potted Herb Saver from Amazon

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The Garden Book, revised and updated edition

The Garden Book, Revised and Updated Edition -BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
The Garden Book, Revised and Updated Edition

A stunning coffee table book filled with gorgeous gardening pictures from around the world, from some of gardening’s most influential names. This book is an inspirational who’s who of the gardening world, featuring their iconic gardens and what makes them special. Perfect for those curious about the gardening world, or who just need a little inspiration.

Price: £39.95

Buy The Garden Book, Revised and Updated Edition from Phaidon

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Garden Gear rotating seat and tool store


When working in the garden, having access to your tools, and being able to sit comfortably can both be luxuries. This garden seat allows gardening mums to sit comfortably as they garden, while their tools are close at hand.

Price: £49.99

Buy the Garden Gear Rotating Seat and Tool Store from Van Meuwen

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The plant rescue box


The perfect gift for a gardener who loves plants and is looking to care for a new collection. The Plant Rescuer Box is a set of two-to-four randomly-selected plants, which have been rescued from being binned by garden centres for either having small imperfections, or for not selling fast enough. Categorized and priced by plant type and size, a small box of rescued herbs is just £11.00.

Price: from £11.00

Buy the Plant Rescuer Box from Etsy or The Plant Rescuer.

This product guide was last updated in February 2024. We apologise if anything has changed in price or availability.



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