Master Grower Reveals Secrets to Quadruple Cannabis Yield

John from visits TD who grows 6 cannabis plants in his backyard and grows 4x-5x more flowers than most people by using his special master cannabis growing techniques.
In this episode, you get the 1 month update and see how TD’s plants are growing after 1 month. Watch the last episode at
to see the difference in growth and learn his tips in that episode.

In this episode, you will learn more about his super soil mix recipe, his soil amendments, as well as some plant pre-planting techniques, how to tuck & tie down your plants, how to SCROG your cannabis plants to maximize growth and yield, what to do if you have branches break, how to pinch & top your girls, differences in phenotypes, growing from seeds, how to deal with pincher bugs, best beneficial insect for cannabis, and much, much more.

You will learn how TD grows organically without the use of synthetic nutrients or chemical sprays to kill pests. You will learn how he grows 10+ feet tall cannabis trees that yield massive amounts of flower.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
02:00 What plants look like after 1 month
04:00 Best Cannabis Book Recommendation
04:55 SuperSoil Recipe Update + Soil Amendments being used
10:12 Pre-planting techniques to ensure your success
14:24 How to grow Autoflower Plants
17:12 How to Tie Down, Tuck and Pull out Leaves for better growth
21:28 How to SCROG Your Plants and create a Screen of Green for Higher Yield
25:18 Secret Weapon Against Bad Bugs for Organic Gardening Only
27:07 How to Pinch & Top Your plants for the most growth
28:09 Eat All Your Cannabis Toppings for better health
29:05 How to Get Your Plants to Grow Faster with Compost Tea
32:23 Growing From Seeds – Phenotype differences are OK
34:00 Don’t Let this happen to you: Knuckle nodes that break
35:23 How to Deal with Rigid / Brittle Plants that Break instead of Bend
36:36 How to Fix when you have a Busted Branch with Tree Seal
37:16 How to deal with Pincher Bugs that can kill your plants
38:24 Comments from Josh from Boogie Brew on TD’s grow & his growing tips

After watching this episode, you will learn the specific methods you need to do to quadruple your yield over what is claimed in seed catalogs for that cultivar of cannabis.

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