Is there a flower called Jingle Bell Flower?

growing jingle bell flowers

QUESTION: Is there a flower called Jingle Bell Flower? My grandmother mentioned it, but I’m not sure if that’s just what our family calls it or what. – Lucia T

ANSWER: Yes, there is. This flower belongs to the genus fuchsia. It’s a deciduous shrub that can trail if left to its down devices. 

The plant dawns dark green foliage for most of the year and during the summer, produces red and white blooms which resemble bells. Hence where the name comes from. You may start this plant from either seed or cutting. 

Jingle bells is a tender perennial and is only hardy in planting zones seven through eleven. If you’re growing this plant outdoors, be sure to provide the right growing conditions and care.

This shrub desires soil that’s high in nutrients, well-draining, but also evenly damp. It’s not picky about soil types. Jingle bells can grow in anything from loam to clay soil.

Place this shrub in an area where it’ll receive full to partial sunlight. Also, ensure the area has enough room as this plant can range from two- to six-feet tall. 

When cold weather appears, if you live in planting zones seven or eight, be sure to apply a layer of mulch around the base of the plant. This will protect the roots over winter.

If you live in a planting zone lower than seven, you may also grow jingle bells. This shrub makes a wonderful house plant.

Be sure to choose a container that can support the root system and is well-draining. You should provide the same growing conditions as mentioned previously.

You may either grow the plant outdoors in a container and move it inside when the temperatures drop or keep it indoors year-round. 

Either way, be sure the plant receives adequate lighting, water, and nutrients. It’s recommended to fertilize jingle bells at the beginning of the blooming cycle. 

You may use an all-purpose fertilizer. This will provide the shrub with a boost of energy right as it begins to put on a display of gorgeous blooms.

Watering this plant deeply is also a wise idea to ensure it receives the moisture it needs without over or underwatering the plant. Be sure to test the soil between watering sessions. When the soil is dry to your first knuckle, water the plant deeply again. 

Finally, ensure you prune your jingle bell plant. It’s wise to pinch the end of the branches to encourage the plant to become bushier. 

If you notice any signs of disease, be sure to remove the impacted parts of the plant. You may also do a heavier prune, after blooming has ended, to help the plant keep its shape.

Should you choose to grow jingle bells in a container, be sure to repot the plant as needed. When the soil seems to be lacking nutrients or the plant is becoming root bound, it’s time to supply more room and fresh soil.

These tips should help you begin raising jingle bell flowers around your home. They’re a unique way to liven up the decor inside or outside of your living space.

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