How to prepare your garden or allotment for winter

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Whether you’re getting your compost sorted, learning how to save water or preparing for next spring, you should act now to make sure you’re not caught out when the frost starts to settle. November is a great time to get those last jobs of the year out of the way so your garden is ready for spring in the new year.

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How do I get my compost bin ready for autumn?

Autumn leaves are valuable compost material, so now is a great time to prepare for next spring and summer. Once it’s ready, use compost beneath trees and shrubs and between perennial plants, then turn the soil and compost with a fork, and wait for next spring.

If you’re new to composting, read EvenGreener’s beginner’s guide for tips and tricks. The Blackwall 220L composter is a great place to start with your first compost bin. The UK’s best seller, it’s made from recycled plastic which will set you up well for the winter ahead. Start your compost in the autumn and by next summer you’ll be ready to enrich your garden with your own nutritious compost.

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Hot composters are a really useful way to get compost quickly. A normal compost bin will take a minimum of six months until it is ready to use, but can take much longer depending on the type of bin and waste you’re putting in. Designed to trap the warmth given off by microorganisms as waste is broken down, they’re also sealed so you can add food waste which cannot normally be composted such as meat and dairy, as well as cooked food waste.

Turning over your compost is important to ensure it’s getting enough oxygen. Doing this frequently will help speed up decomposition, and is a good job to get out of the way before the winter sets in. If you want healthy compost without the hassle, an aerator allows you to lift and mix the compost without getting your hands dirty.


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If you have a small garden or an allotment, it can be difficult to find space for a compost bin. There are indoor alternatives like the Bokashi twin pack which is a sealed food waste bin you can keep in the kitchen until full. Add food waste and a sprinkle of the Bokashi Bran (included), seal the lid tight and within a few weeks you have usable compost. The Bokashi Bran is a mixture of bran and molasses, enriched with microscopic bacteria, yeasts and fungi, to speed up the composting process.

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What are the best ways to save water this winter?

It has been an incredibly dry summer, and England experienced the driest July on record since 1935. Water restrictions could be brought in next year if low rainfall continues over the autumn and winter. One of the best ways to conserve water is to invest in a water butt. Not only does installing and using a water butt relieve pressure on the water system, but using rainwater can be more beneficial to many plants than tap water. Installing a water butt this autumn will put you in a good position especially if there are more hosepipe bans next summer.

If you’ve got a lot of plants to water and you have the space, a large water butt will conserve the maximum amount of water at times of high rainfall, like early spring. The Harcostar 227 L water butt features a spring-operated child safe lid and a hose connector tap to connect to a downpipe.

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If you already have a water butt in your garden, autumn is a good time to refresh the water as fewer plants are reliant on regular watering. Rather than emptying the butt completely, which can be wasteful, try EvenGreener’s water butt freshener, which is non-toxic and safe for pets and wildlife.

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It’s just as important to save water through the autumn and winter if you have a small garden or allotment. The mini rainsaver water butt holds 100L of water and the kit includes a tap, stand, lid and rain diverter kit, which is what diverts water from your gutters to the water butt. By installing a water butt in the autumn, it will be full by the spring when you will need to start watering.

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Sustainability is at the core of EvenGreener. This extends from the products down to the delivery schedule. When you place an order from EvenGreener, it might take a little longer than usual to arrive. This is due to a sustainable delivery chain which minimises transport miles wherever possible, by bulk delivery to depots to avoid repeated single journeys. What’s more, if you make an order over £10, delivery is free.

Find out more about EvenGreener’s sustainable supply chain, and make sure to check any delivery restrictions.



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