How far apart should you plant annuals?

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QUESTION: How far apart should you plant annuals? I don’t want to waste money and plant them too close together, but I also don’t want the garden to look empty and I’m not sure how to do it. – Alicia F

ANSWER: There are many things to consider when planting annuals. The good news is they’re much more forgiving than perennials since they only grow for one season.

If you’re a rule-follower and want to plant exactly as the experts recommend, you should start by checking the label of the plant or seed packet.

These instructions should tell you how much sunlight the plant needs, the amount of space desired, and the best times to plant.

Now, if you’re someone more concerned with aesthetics, there are other things you might consider when growing annuals.

Annuals are frequently used in window boxes, containers, or planters. In these instances, many gardeners plant the annuals tighter to create a fuller look, faster.

Should you choose to do this, ensure the plants still have enough space to breathe to avoid disease. You also don’t want the plants competing for nutrients or water.

When growing annuals in compact spaces, you may have to water more frequently and fertilize on a regular basis to ensure each plant has what it needs.

As a general rule, begin by finding out how tall the plant will be once it reaches maturity. Cut this number in half and that’s how far apart annuals should be planted in a compact growing space.

Another option, if you’re growing in containers, is to look at the tag on the plant. You can cut the recommended spacing in half and have an idea of how compact you can plant your annuals in this setting.

Our final guideline is to consider your planting zone. Some areas have longer growing seasons. Therefore, they don’t need to plant as compact because the plants will have ample time to grow and fill out prior to frost.

However, if you live in a cooler climate, you may run out of time to enjoy full plants due to early frost dates.

In this case, examine the tag on the plant. If you’re provided a range, such as 6-12 inches, plant the annuals 6 inches apart. This will ensure the plants have time to create a full look in the shorter growing period.

As you can see, there’s no cut and dry answer as to how far apart annuals should be planted. You can follow the guidelines provided on the packaging, use a little math to create a fuller look faster, or pick your planting distance based on your planting zone.

The main thing is to remember that annuals are forgiving as long as they’re provided with airflow, water, nutrients, and the right lighting. Hopefully, this information will help you create the look you desire with your annual flowers.

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