Eight of the best plant misters in 2023

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When it comes to caring for your plants there are some tools that are essential for saving you both time and effort. A plant mister is one of these. The simple sprayer can help you regulate the humidity of plants and create a microclimate that allows moisture-loving greenery to flourish.

Particularly beneficial for helping tropical plants, orchids, ferns, and other houseplamnts that love a humid atmosphere, plant misters also double up as useful devices for foliar feeding, plant cleaning, and overall aesthetics enhancers.

And, whilst it’s important every mister can create the humid atmosphere your plants need, it’s also crucial they look good on the shelf as they’re used on indoor plants and often stored inside.

With that in mind, we’ve curated this list of the eight best plant misters on the market. Each one has been chosen for their misting ability as well as their appearance. If you’re new to plant misting we’ve also got some tips to assist you in starting out.

If you’re looking for more products and accessories to help with watering then check out our guides to the best watering cans and the best garden hose spray guns.

The best plant misters in 2023

Our best plant misters of 2023:

Ziuheoa Plant Mister

T4U 200ML Glass Plant Mister - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine

The pattern on this mister gives it a vintage, almost Edwardian feel. The bottle is glass with the mister pump made from plastic, offering quality while keeping it affordable. It’s also available in seven colours.

Price: 8.99

Buy the Ziuheoa Plant Mister from Amazon

Haws Mist Sprayer 300ml

Haws Mist Sprayer 300ml - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine

This attractive brass mister is handmade in Smethwick in the West Midlands. It looks great on a shelf, and, if you’re giving it as a gift, can be engraved with your choice of text for an extra £5.

Price: £22

Buy the Haws Mist Sprayer from Farrar & Tanner

Dunelm Ceramic Black and White Plant Mister


This simple, black-and-white, ceramic plant mister will look fantastic in contemporary homes. It has a generous capacity so is ideal if you’ve got lots of tropical house plants.

Price: £10

Buy the Ceramic Black and White Plant Mister from Dunelm

John Lewis Ribbed Glass Plant Mister

John Lewis Plant Mister

This pretty blue mister is made with a ribbed design so will look perfect stored next to your indoor plants. The pump is operated with your thumb making it easy to delicately mist your greenery.

Price: £16

Buy the Ribbed Glass Plant Mister from John Lewis

Kikkerland Brass Plant Mister

Brass mister 2

This metal plant mister is on the luxury end and made of 100% brass. The delicate mister is not only good for misting plants but also doubles up as a great ornament that won’t look out of place on your shelf when not in use.

Price: £25

Buy the Kikkerland Brass Plant Mister from Not Another Bill

Amber Glass Plant Mister

Amber glass plant mister

Made from yellow-tinted glass, which gives it an amber colour in sunlight, it has a spout that is thumb-operated and a mixture of plastic and copper for an original-looking aesthetic.

Price: £13.75

Buy the Amber Glass Plant Mister from Not On The High Street

T4U Plastic Plant Mister

T4U mister

This super simple plant mister comes in four colourways and has an adjustable nozzle to control the release of mist. It is lightweight, operated with a trigger spray system and promises to be leakproof.

Price: £9.99

Buy the T4U Plastic Plant Mister from Amazon

Japandi Inspired Cream Stoneware Mister

Japandi Mister

This cream plant mister is inspired by a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian styles with a metallic spout and pump mechanism. Its base is made of stoneware and acts as a great decorative piece when not being used to tend plants.

Price: £17.95

Buy the Japandi Inspired Cream Stoneware Mister from Not On The High Street

How to use a plant mister

If you haven’t used a plant mister before then don’t worry, we’ve got a few simple steps to help you out. Following these can help you keep your plants healthy and provide them with the right amount of humidity to flourish. Here’s how to use a plant mister and some key things to think about when misting:

1. Fill the plant mister up

It may seem like we’re stating the obvious but the first step, whatever the style of your plant mister, is to fill it with water. Simply unscrew or pry open the reservoir cap and fill it up. If possible, use distilled or filtered water to prevent mineral build-up on the leaves.

2. Adjust the nozzle

Some misters come with adjustable nozzles which you can toggle to control how dense the mist will be. Set it to your preferred level according to your plant’s needs and the environmental conditions. If your mister doesn’t have a nozzle, skip this step.

3. Spray

Next, it’s time to use your mister to spray your plants. Gently squeeze the trigger or push down with your thumb to release the mist from the bottle. Hold the mister a few inches away from the plants and begin misting from the top of the plant, moving downwards making sure you cover all of the leaves.

4. Monitor when your plant next needs misting

How often you mist your plants depends on their personal requirements and the conditions in your home. For example, tropical plants and those in dry climates might benefit from misting a few times a day, while other plants might thrive whilst dry so could be misted only once a week.

5. Picking the right time of day

The best times to mist are in the morning or early afternoon. This helps moisture to evaporate before the evening. If plants are too moist come night-time, they may be at risk of growing fungi or mould.

6. Adjust misting based on the season and clean your mister

During winter or in cooler months, you might need to mist less frequently as the air naturally holds more moisture. You should also clean your mister regularly to prevent mould or bacterial growth. Empty any remaining water from the reservoir after misting and clean the nozzle with mild soap and water.

For more help with watering see our guide on how to water house plants. For hassle-free watering see our guide to the best self-watering planters and plant pots and if you’re looking for the best water storage options we also have a guide on the best water butts.



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