Eight of the best patio weeders in 2023

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Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, weeding the patio can be one of the more tedious garden tasks. However, a patio weeder can make this process much quicker and more efficient, allowing you to spend more of your time on enjoyable garden jobs instead.

Patio weeders are designed to fit into tiny crevices and cracks, which is perfect for grubbing out stubborn weeds between paving stones. Most are made from stainless steel, which makes them sturdy and durable for years of weeding work.

If you’re in need of a more heavy-duty tool, there are also thermal weeders. Powered by mains electricity, these weeders deliver a short burst of extreme heat to kill off weeds. Thermal weeders are also usually long-handled, so there’s no need for hours of kneeling down and putting a strain on your back.

If you’re looking to buy a patio weeder our guide can help give you inspiration and work out the best weeder for you. We’ve curated our list of the top eight weeders and how to use them.

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The best patio weeders in 2023

Browse our selection of the best patio weeders below.

Sun Joe Cordless Telescoping Power Weeder

Cordless Weeder

This weeder has up to 60 minutes of runtime, is ideal for weeding and soil mixing, and is backed by a two-year warranty. It has a 250-watt motor and a lightweight design so is perfect for tight spaces.

Price: £126.99

Buy the Sun Joe Cordless Telescoping Power Weeder at Amazon.

Wilkinson Sword Weeder

Wilkinson Sword Weeder – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine
Wilkinson Sword Weeder

The Wilkinson Sword Weeder has a stainless steel blade and an ash handle with a leather strap for hanging it up after use. The handle has been weatherproofed and the tool head is designed to fit easily into the cracks on patios and paved areas.

Price: £14

Buy Wilkinson Sword Weeder at Amazon

Fiskars Weeding Knife

Fiskars Patio Knife – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine
Fiskars Weeding Knife

Fitted with two sharp knife blades, the Fiskars Weeding Knife will remove moss and weeds from paved areas. The long handle has a soft grip for comfort and a hanging hole at the end for easy storage.

Price: £19.95

Buy Fiskars Weeding Knife at Amazon

Burgon and Ball Weeder

National Trust Burgon and Ball Patio Weeder – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine
National Trust Burgon and Ball Patio Weeding Knife

Part of a collaboration between the National Trust and gardening specialists Burgon and Ball, this weeding knife has a rustproof stainless steel blade. The handle is FSC-certified hardwood and there’s a strong leather cord for hanging it up after use.

Price: £12

Buy National Trust Burgon and Ball Patio Weeding Knife at The National Trust

Hozelock Thermal Weeder

Thermal weeder

A thermal weeder is a simple way to remove moss or weeds from paved areas without using chemicals or bending. Powered by mains electricity via the 3m cable, the Hozelock Green Power Thermal Weeder heats up in 45 seconds to deliver an intense thermal shock of 600°C.

Price: £70

Buy Hozelock Thermal Weeder at Argos

 Sneeboer Weed Gouger

Sneeboer Weed Gouger – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine
Sneeboer Weed Gouger

The Sneeboer Weed Gouger has a stainless steel, inverted ‘V’ shaped blade and a smooth, cherrywood handle. At 39 cm in length, the tool is ideal for hooking out long tap roots in lawns, borders and patios.

Price: £36.95

Buy Sneeboer Weed Gouger at Harrod Horticultural

Telescopic wire weeding brush

Telescopic Wire Block Paving Brush – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine
Telescopic Wire Block Paving Brush

With a handle that extends up to 1.3 metres, the Telescopic Wire Block Paving Brush has three rows of stiff bristles to fit into any grooves on paved areas and decking. Reinforced with a metal collar around the brush head, there’s also a metal scraper for more targeted cleaning.

Price: £19.99

Buy Telescopic Wire Block Paving Brush at Suttons

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Kent and Stowe Stainless Steel Hand Weeding Knife

Kent and Stowe

This Kent and Stowe weeder has a high-quality stainless steel head and a comfortable ash wood handle for a secure grip. Its plain-edged blade is perfect for slicing or scraping away unwanted weeds in cracks or between patio slabs.

Price: £10.39

Buy the Kent and Stowe Weeding Knife at Amazon

How to use a patio weeder

Many patio weeding tools consist of a sharp, L-shaped knife –simply insert the end of the blade between the paving stones to hook weeds, cut them off at the root and remove them.

Using a thermal weeder, like the Hozelock Green Power Weeder, requires a little extra care. Following the accompanying instructions carefully, allow the thermal weeder to heat up fully before use. Target one area at a time and deliver the thermal shock in short bursts. Be careful to avoid nearby furniture or vegetation.

This Product Guide was last updated in October 2023. We apologise if anything has changed in price or availability.



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