Are petunias annuals or perennials?

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QUESTION: Are petunias annuals or perennials? I wanted to plant some in my yard and I was wondering if I have to plant them every year or not. – Annabelle B

ANSWER: Petunias are technically tender perennials. What this means is in the ideal conditions, these flowers will come back year after year.

However, they can’t handle frost. Therefore, they’re tender because their climate determines whether they will be an annual or perennial.

In most cases, petunias are grown as annuals. They must be grown in areas with mild winters (indicating no frost) and cooler summers where temperatures won’t go over 90-degrees Fahrenheit.

Even if you can only grow petunias as an annual, they make wonderful flowers for living decor. In most areas, they’re planted in the spring and bloom in the summer.

However, if you’re fortunate enough to live somewhere with hot summers but mild winters, you may plant petunias in the fall to enjoy them over the winter months.

Regardless of when you grow petunias, there are a few growing tips you should be aware of. Prior to planting petunias, take the time to consider what kind of look you’d like.

This flower comes in a wide variety of colors, including black. Plus, they also come in a variety of designs, including stripes.

Once you know which type of petunia you’d like to grow, it’s time to look at the growing conditions. It’s best to start petunia seeds indoors approximately ten weeks before the final frost. These seeds can take a while to germinate, so give them plenty of time to grow.

When the seeds are ready to be transplanted, be sure to pick a location with full sunlight. This means, the flowers should receive at least six hours of direct lighting each day.

The area should also have light, well-draining soil. Once the plants are established, be sure to fertilize them one time per month.

You’ll also need to deadhead the plants to keep them vibrant and from becoming leggy. 

Growing petunias isn’t a complicated process. Though they’re typically enjoyed as annuals, there are a few lucky gardeners out there which live in the perfect climate to host these flowers as tender perennials.

Regardless of how you’re growing petunias, utilize these growing tips to help you enjoy them for as long as you can in your planting zone.

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