Are peanuts easy to grow?

growing peanuts

QUESTION: Are peanuts easy to grow? I think it would be fun to try and grow them because I’ve never attempted it, but I’m still mostly a beginner gardener. -Heather C.

ANSWER: Yes, peanuts are easy to grow. The main thing is ensuring you have the appropriate amount of space.

You should plant ten to twelve plants per person in your home and expect each plant to produce between twenty-five and fifty peanuts.

If you know you have the room to produce an appropriate-sized harvest for your family, you’re ready to learn how easy it is to grow this plant.

To begin, peanuts aren’t actually nuts. They’re a type of legume. Therefore, they grow in the ground and are relatively low-maintenance.

This plant needs at least one hundred frost-free days to produce. If you live in a cooler climate, you can choose a variety that reaches maturity faster or start your peanut plants indoors approximately two months prior to the final frost date.

Once all frost is over, you’re ready to plant peanuts. Either plant your transplanted peanuts into an area with full sunlight and loose, well-draining soil, or you can start by planting fresh, shelled, uncooked peanuts.

You should plant peanuts at a depth of two inches beneath the soil and ensure there’s at least eight inches of space between each plant.

The way a peanut grows is unique. You’ll notice yellow blooms form on the plant. These blooms are self-pollinating and will drop once fertilized.

From there, you’ll notice the plant begins growing toward the ground. It’s vital that the soil is loose enough for the plant to dig into it and begin forming peanuts at the end of the plant after it has dug its way back into the soil.

When your peanut plants are approximately a half foot tall, cultivate the ground. This will loosen the soil to make it easier for the plant to dig into to form peanuts.

You should harvest your peanuts in the early portion of fall prior to frost. You’ll know the time is right when the peanut plant begins to turn yellow.

Harvest the peanuts by digging around the plant and removing them from the soil. Shake the dirt off the plant and dry the peanuts for a month before use. You may use fresh peanuts either roasted or raw.

These are the few steps it takes to grow peanuts. As long as you have the appropriate amount of lighting, the right soil, and enough frost-free days, you should have few problems growing this plant.

If you enjoy the taste of fresh peanuts, why not grow your own? From there, you can enjoy them as a snack, add them to your meal, or even make homemade peanut butter. Plant peanuts and start enjoying the fruits of your labor.

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