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English summers pair perfectly with a cold glass of cider. And if you like the idea of brewing your own, you’ll need to invest in an apple press to extract the best juice from your harvests.

Presses can be used to crush berries, pears and other fruit, too. Winemakers have relied on presses for grapes for centuries because the machine doesn’t break the internal seeds which would produce a bitter taste.

We’ve curated a list of some of the best fruit and apple presses on the market right now. There are a range of styles and sizes available, with the capacity referred to in litres. This litre capacity refers to how much fruit can fit within the machine, rather than how many litres of juice can be extracted in a single press. While some models will list an average yield, this will vary depending on the type and quality of fruit being used in each setting.

Plus, if you’re growing your own produce for growing, we’ve got plenty of advice on how to train a fruit tree, pruning fruit trees and the best apple pickers to help with the job.

At a loss at what to do with other fruits in your garden? Take a look at our guide to the best jam making kits.

To learn more, check out this video guide to making apple juice at home.

Eight of the best apple presses

Browse our pick of presses and kits below.


Oak Apple Press

Oak Apple Press

This barrel style apple press is made from oak and is bound with enamelled steel rings. The press mechanism itself is made from cast iron for both strength and durability. To operate the press, the hardwood padding blocks are placed on top of the pressing plate which then squeeze the juices down and out of the fruit.

Size: 12L

Price: £134.99

Buy 12L Oak Apple Press at Amazon


Aluminium Apple Press

Aluminium Apple Press

The sleek good looks of this aluminium press would look smart alongside other kitchen appliances. The 5.5 litre capacity press is able to produce approximately 2 litres of juice or fruit pulp on average, depending on the fruit. This model can also be taken apart for easy cleaning between uses.

Size: 5.5L

Price: £169.99

Buy Aluminium Apple Press at Primrose


Classic Manual Stainless Steel Fruit or Apple Crusher

Classic Manual Stainless Steel Fruit or Apple Crusher

This crusher has been sold for over 25 years and has reportedly remained popular because of how straight-forward it is to use. Featuring alternating stainless steel rollers, it crushes through fruit simply by turning the cast iron hand wheel which means it should work effectively for minimum manual effort. This model fits over three sizes of press.

Size: H28xW42xL60cm / suitable for 12, 20 and 36 litre presses

Price: £286.99

Buy Classic Manual Stainless Steel Fruit or Apple Crusher at Primrose


Cast Iron Apple/Fruit Press

Cast Iron Apple/Fruit Press

This attractive crossbeam style apple press swings to allow fruit to be crushed straight into the basket and makes emptying pulp much easier. Its large size means it can hold up to 11kg of fruit. The cast iron base plate and legs help keep the press stable and you’ll also get a handy cider and juice making booklet plus a tub of grease included.

Size: 12L

Price: £279.99

Buy Cast Iron Apple/Fruit Press at Primrose


Worktop Apple/Fruit Press

Worktop Apple/Fruit Press

This fruit press is designed to fit on top of a kitchen worktop or table making it a compact option for those short on space. It will only produce up to 1.7 litres of juice from each use but includes a washable straining bag and splashguard to help limit the mess making it a breeze to use. The machine is made from stainless steel with a polished brass top-beam and includes a cider and juice making booklet.

Size: 4.5L

Price: £104.99

Buy Worktop Apple/Fruit Press at Amazon


Hobby Press – Starter Cider Making Kit

Cider Making Bundle

This set is ideal for anyone new to fruit pressing as it contains everything you need to have a go at making your own cider for the first time – apart from the apples! You can choose the capacity of the fruit press as well as the crusher,  which are accompanied by a fermentation bucket, yeast, steriliser, tubes and more.

Price: from £75.95

Buy Cider Press Bundle on Love Brewing


Woodside Fruit Press

Woodside Fruit Press

This fruit and apple press is made from wood and includes a mesh straining bag. The mechanical press comes apart for cleaning and should be straightforward to assemble. There are three sizes to choose from, up to 18 litres, depending on how much juice you’ll need to produce at a time.

Size: 6L, 12L, 18L

Price: from £47.99

Buy Woodside Fruit Press at Amazon


Spindle Press

Spindle Press

This spindle press features a perforated stainless steel press basket which can hold up to 14 litres at a time. The three-legged metal stand provides stability and extra support while the machine is in use. The press should be simple to assemble as well as to clean between uses.

Size: 14L

Price: £245

Buy Spindle Press at Expondo


Varomorus Fruit Press

For a more contemporary look, check out the Varomorus Fruit Press. A screw-press made with food-grade stainless steel, this colourful, modern tool is available from 10-25L, to suit a range of needs.

Price: £178.85 (10L)

Buy the Varomorus Fruit Press from Etsy

This Product Guide was last updated in September 2022. We apologise if anything has changed in price or availability.



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