Permaculture Farmacy Grows Plant Medicine that Heal You & The Planet | The Future of Farming

John from visits the Kauai Farmcy Family Farm that Grows Herbs and Plant Medicine using Permaculture Principles using Locally sourced fertilizer and Sun-Powered dehydrators to produce the highest quality volcanic soil grown herbal medicine. PLEASE NOTE: This episode was previously filmed Before COVID-19.

In this episode, you will learn what John believes the future of farming should look like: small farms using permaculture practices, usually locally sourced fertilizers, and other inputs to grow herbs & food using regenerative farming practices.

You will learn more about Kauai Farmacy and its purpose and mission to bring you the highest quality products to locals and for customers worldwide. You will discover the entire process from growing herbs, harvesting, processing them on-site to make artisanal herbal products made in small batches on-site paying fair wages.

First, John will introduce the farm and take you on a tour of the entrance and entry path to the lanai shop that you can visit if you are vising or live on the Garden Isle of Kauai in Beautiful Hawaii.

Next, John will share with you some of the end products that the Kauai Farmacy produces on-site using plants grown on their farm and turns them into value-added products that sell for more than a raw bundle of herbs. John will taste test some of the products and share with you his opinions on then.

Next, you will learn how the products were made going through all steps of the growing process that Kauai Farmacy uses to grow and process their products into an end product including: How they create fertility on the farm, the water the farm uses to provide hydration for the plants, how the plants are grown in a perennial food forest system, some of the unique herbs that are grown for their beneficial properties, the one fertilizer that is brought in outside the farm and why it is beneficial, how the herbs are processed by hand and dried by the power of the sun, how different products are made in their production facility, how herbs are processed in small batches as need and how they are stored for later use.

You will first learn in detail the simple fertility program at Kauai Farmacy which starts with locally produced compost and different types of mulches, creating on-site worm castings & compost teas and using local Spirulina to add fertility to the land to grow this plant medicine.

Next, you will discover some of the herbs that are being grown on-site such as Noni and how the leaves of noni or the leaves of comfrey can be used for plant medicine. You will learn the difference between Hawaiian Tumeric and standard Tumeric when John tastes tests both types and shares his opinions.

You will learn how the power of the sun is used to dehydrate herbs at a low temperature without any electricity to preserve the most plant medicine. You will learn more about how the dried herbs are powdered or transformed into other products including hydrosols, tinctures, salves, and juices.

Finally, you will see the “vault” where all the dried herbs are stored and recipes are created to make the individual herbal products in small batches as need.

Finally, John will interview the owners, Doug and Genna Wolkon so you can learn more about Kauai Farmacy, Herbs, their growing practices, why they started, the best herbs to grow, and much, much more.

After watching this episode, you will learn how a small farm can be profitable by growing high-quality herbal medicine in the best way possible while leaving the lightest footprint on the plant to provide people with high-quality herbal medicine.

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