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Black Friday lawn mower deals – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine

A lawn mower is a vital tool for keeping your lawn neat and tidy. However, some of the top lawn mower brands can be expensive.

This Black Friday, coming on the 26th of November, grab yourself some great deals on top garden tools. Black Friday deals go on all weekend, continuing into Cyber Monday on the 29th.

Last year, lawn mowers were some of the most popular Black Friday items, and we saw great discounts on trusted brands like Gtech, Kärcher, and Flymo. Throughout November and Black Friday weekend, we’ll be on the beat finding the best deals of the tools we’ve tested.

Which retailers will have Black Friday lawn mower deals?

Black Friday is one of the most dynamic sales periods of the year, so we won’t know for certain which brands will be taking part until nearer the time. We usually see deals from:

  • Amazon – Amazon’s Black Friday sale is one of the biggest on the market, with discounts on a wide range of garden equipment
  • Currys – Currys’ Black Friday deals come with a price match promise, so, if you find something cheaper elsewhere, Currys will drop their price to match
  • Halfords – Halfords offered discounts across cleaning and DIY tools last Black Friday
  • – Last year, offered savings on its pressure washers and garden tools
  • Coopers of Stortford – Coopers of Stortford are likely to have savings of up to 50% on garden and cleaning tools
  • Very – We think Very will offer savings on brands such as Kärcher, Bosch and Flymo, as they did last year
  • Gtech – Gtech offered big savings of up to 70% on their garden tools last year
  • Kärcher – in 2020, we saw cuts of up to 40% from the iconic German toolmaker

If you’re looking for discounts on a new pressure washer, visit our Black Friday pressure washer deals.

How do we select Black Friday lawn mower deals?

Every product featured on our deals page has been tested by a team of expert gardeners. With decades of experience in the garden industry, our reviewers have trained and worked at some of the most famous gardens and gardening magazines in the country, and are published authors in the field. This background lets us deliver impartial, accurate reviews. On Black Friday, we include only the best of the tools we’ve tested, and those deals that offer genuine value for money.

Are there any early Black Friday lawn mower deals?

Like most products, gardening tools have been affected by Covid-19, supply chain issues, and slowing rates of manufacture in China, so this year there’s reduced stock. Because of this, a lot of retailers might put a few deals up before Black Friday, so they don’t have a run on their already limited stock all at once. We’ve found early deals on:

How to get a good lawn mower Black Friday deal

Black Friday is a busy period and it’s easy to be confused with the range of deals on offer. Our reviews are great for seeing what’s best on the market. We’ve tested a huge range of mowers under controlled conditions, including electric mowers, cordless mowers, push mowers and robotic mowers. If we’ve scored something highly, you can be sure it’s effective and good value.

For Black Friday, you might want to check out CamelCamelCamel or other price-watch websites and extensions for your web browser. Some retailers inflate their prices before Black Friday to give the appearance of a good deal, when they’re really just selling it at RRP. What’s more, because of the run on stock, prices could rise throughout the weekend, so it’s good to keep an eye out on changing prices over time.

Make sure you know your budget. Some fantastic mowers will have enormous discounts of more than 70%, but will still be a few hundred pounds, which may not be a saving at all if you wanted something a little cheaper.

Keep an eye on this page, as we’ll be updating it throughout the lead up to Black Friday and the weekend itself, with the newest, cheapest deals.

It’s also worth knowing that a lot of retailers price match – if you find a great deal on one retailer but not another, some retailers will drop their prices to match the cheapest deal.

Most importantly, make sure you know exactly the kind of mower to suit you.

  • Cordless lawn mowers are the newest type of mower and are the most lightweight and manoeuvrable. You need to remember to keep the battery charged and they can be expensive, although prices are starting to come down.
  • Corded electric mowers are in the mid-price range, and tend to be relatively light and quiet. However, you’ll need a charging point and an extension cord, and the electric cable can get in the way.
  • Robot mowers are the newest type of mower. They automatically mow your lawn for you, saving you time and effort. However, they’re by far the most expensive type of mower on the market.
  • Push mowers are cheap and manually powered, so they are the most eco-friendly mower you can buy. However, they can be hard work for the user, particularly if strength and mobility are an issue.
  • Petrol lawn mowers are powerful and effective but tend to be loud, heavy, expensive, and are much less environmentally-friendly than electric mowers. They’ll need an annual maintenance check up and a supply of petrol and oil.

Once you’ve sorted the type of mower that best suits you, make sure you’re looking for the right size of mower. The wider the cutting width, the more area of lawn can be covered in one go, which is crucial if you have a big lawn to mow. Alternatively, if you’re pushed for space, it’s worth considering how big the mower is, for storage.

The range of cutting heights is important too, as this affects both the health of your grass and how often you’ll need to cut it.

With cordless mowers, make sure the mower comes with a battery. Sometimes they’re sold without batteries, labelled ‘body only’ or ‘bare tool’. This is because they can share a battery with other cordless tools from the same brand. This can save you money if you already own a Kärcher battery, for example. However, if you don’t have a compatible battery, make sure you can buy one.

Warranty is vital, too – make sure you check how long the warranty on your mower is, so you can ensure parts and servicing for a few years after you buy it.

Finally, keep an eye out for any additional features. A mulching function can be useful if you want to put grass clippings to good use, while a self-propelled mower might be your best option if you have a sloped garden or problems with mobility.



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