8 of the best garden hammocks in 2023

TecTake Wooden Double Hammock - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine

Fun, stylish and relaxing, a hammock is a great addition to any garden. A luxury that won’t break the bank, it lets you put your feet up in style, swaying in your own personal cocoon, ideal for dozing off, reading a book or escaping the stresses of the modern world.

Hammocks come in several sizes, smaller ones offering a private, cosy space for one, and larger ones providing a place to socialise with your partner, children or friends. With so many options on the market, you can choose one that will bring colour to your garden, add style to decked areas or be the centrepiece of your patio.

Unlike with sun loungers or deck chairs, you can curl up in a cosy hammock, staying warm when the sun goes down. And because you’re wrapped up, it could even reduce the risk of sunburn, insect bites and stings.

So check out our selection of the best hammocks on the market – with everything from double-width hammocks to chair-style slings, as well as free-standing options, you’re sure to find the perfect one for you.

8 of the best garden hammocks

Browse our selection of favourites below:

Habitat Metal Hammock

Habitat Metal Hammock - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Habitat Metal Hammock (Argos)

It can be a little tricky to string up a hammock between two trees, but this Habitat hammock is easy to set up. This free-standing hammock needs no extra tools, so you can be swaying in the sun in a flash.

Price: £90

Buy the Habitat Metal Hammock from Argos

Pitcock Hanging Chair

Maximus Hanging Hammock Chair - BBC Gardeners' World magazine
Maximus Hanging Hammock Chair

A twist on the classic swinging hammock, this woven hanging chair offers a bohemian vibe to the garden, balcony or terrace. The macrame style and tassel trim give it a relaxed, summery feel and the padded, 100 per cent cotton cushion (which comes included) gives added cocooned comfort.

Price: £113.99

Buy Maximus Hanging Chair at Wayfair

Arsens Hammock

Copeland Hammock - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine

This wide garden hammock can take up to 200kg at a time and has been classically designed to exude that traditional beach island look. The hammock can be simply tied between two trees or posts and folds away into a drawstring bag for easy storage, so it’s great for taking away on holidays. It also comes in 7 colours.

Price: £169.99

Buy the Wayfair Copeland Hammock at Wayfair

TecTake Wooden Double Hammock

TecTake Wooden Double Hammock - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine

This double-sized hammock with a stand set is a sophisticated take on the traditional beach-side sling. The curved wooden stand provides a hull-like support for the extra-large swing which, thanks to adjustable stainless steel suspension cables, can hold up to 200kg at a time.

Price: £180.99

Buy the TecTake Wooden Double Hammock at Amazon

Strawberry White Garden Hammock

Strawberry White Garden Hammock (Oliver Bonas)
Strawberry White Garden Hammock (Oliver Bonas)

Great for soaking up the sun, this colourful hammock (stand not included) would be the perfect addition to any patio or social area in the garden. Made from 100% cotton fabric with a strawberry-print pattern, it promises to provide optimal comfort.

Price: £145

Buy the Strawberry White Garden Hammock at Oliver Bonas

Waitrose Canvas Garden Hammock

Waitrose Canvas Garden Hammock (Waitrose)
Waitrose Canvas Garden Hammock (Waitrose)

This stylish hammock is handmade from recycled denim and is strong enough to hold up to 120kg. It has a handy pocket to hold your book, magazine or phone while you spend time relaxing in your garden.

Price: £49.99

Buy the Waitrose Canvas Garden Hammock at Waitrose

Amazonas Barbados Natura Double Hammock

Robert Dyas
Amazonas Barbados Natura Double Hammock (Robert Dyas)

This hammock (without a stand) is great for families, as it can fit two people, or a parent and children, and has a 200kg weight capacity. Its fabric base is a natural white and promises not to fade if left outside.

Price: £99.99

Buy the Amazonas Barbados Natura Double Hammock at Robert Dyas

Vonhaus 2-Person Hammock With Stand

Vonhaus Hammock
Vonhaus 2-person Hammock with stand (Vonhaus)

This lightweight, two-person hammock has a grey, weather-protected frame, so it can withstand unseasonal downpours and be kept in the garden during winter. The cheerful, striped sling can support up to 220kg, making it perfect for couples and families.

Price: £129.99

Buy the Vonhaus 2-Person Hammock With Stand from Vonhaus

How to hang a hammock

The quickest and easiest option is to buy a hammock with a purpose-built stand. The stand is sometimes an additional cost, but it’s a versatile and movable option. You simply attach the hammock to each end of its stand, usually with hooks or clips, then tighten it so it hangs at your desired level. Always use the instruction manual that comes with the stand to ensure the hammock is attached correctly.

More traditional-style hammocks should be hung between two strong trees or similarly sturdy, well-anchored supports such as pergola posts. These need to be the right distance apart – the length of the hammock plus about two metres. It doesn’t matter if they’re a little further apart, as you can make up the distance with extra chains or rope if needed.

There are several ways to attach the hammock to the trees. One is to drill hammock fixing into each tree, at a height of about 180cm. This allows the hammock to sag in the middle when in use, and it should hang at about 50cm off the ground, depending on how stretchy the fabric is. Then, using lengths of chain and carabiners, clip your hammock to the fixings, and suspend it so there’s a little slack in the middle.

Alternatively, you can use hammock straps, which simply tie around tree trunks or branches, or you can even use strong rope. These are less reliable options though, as rope and straps can slip, so take great care to check they’re tight enough and will withstand sufficient weight. If in doubt, it may be safest to use a hammock stand.

This review was last updated in August 2023. We apologise if anything has changed in price or availability.



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