21 Easy to Grow Cut Flowers

by Jennifer Poindexter

Do you love making cut flower arrangements?

Stop buying the flowers to make them. Instead, grow as many gorgeous flowers as you can and make attractive bouquets to enrich your spaces.

You might be intimidated by this idea because you don’t have the greenest thumb. Don’t let this stop you.

I’m bringing you a list of easy-to-grow flowers which could work well in flower arrangements. 

Here are a few options for cut flowers.

1. Gladioli

Tall flowers with vertical blooms frequently make gorgeous additions to flower bouquets. Gladioli possesses this unique quality and is great for providing a pop of color to your floral creations.

To grow these flowers, they’ll need full sun to increase the boldness in their colors. They might also need to be staked throughout the growing process to protect the stems. If you’d like a tall and colorful flower, don’t miss out on growing gladioli.

2. Sweet Pea

Some people like to create soft, romantic flower arrangements. If this is your cup of tea, you should consider adding sweet peas to your flower garden.

These flowers come in many varieties and are sweet smelling, too. They do climb, so take this into consideration when choosing where to plant them. Otherwise, sweet peas could be a great addition to your flower garden.

3. Tulips

Tulips are another easy-to-grow, colorful option for your flower garden. They’re also a classic choice for flowers to incorporate in bouquets and other arrangements.These beauties bloom during the spring and last longer when the season is cooler. 

If the temperatures are around 55-degrees Fahrenheit, the blooms can last up to two weeks. Tulips will return each year, so plant them once and enjoy them around your home and in bouquets for years to come.

4. Daffodil

Daffodils grow from bulbs. Therefore, you’ll plant them in the fall and have gorgeous flowers come spring.

Keep in mind, wildlife enjoys these bulbs as well. It’s wise to protect them with wire mesh until they become established in your growing location. Once they bloom, you’ll have vibrant, yellow, bell-shaped blooms perfect for your flower arrangements.

5. Ageratum

These unique blooms would be great for a cut flower garden. The reason being is when the blooms fully open, they look hairy and interesting. It would definitely draw some eyes to your flower arrangement.

If you’d like to add ageratum to your cut flower garden, know that they bloom from spring to fall. They do require full sun and, in some areas, will reseed easily. Therefore, they may voluntarily return in the coming years.

6. Allium

Alliums are one of my favorite flower options for any type of garden but especially for a cut flower garden. These flowers grow on long stems and produce ball-shaped blooms. They’re perennials, so you can plant them once and enjoy them for many years.

Not to mention, they’re also extremely low-maintenance. If you need a flower for your enjoyment, that adds character to your home, and will bloom in early summer, don’t miss out on growing allium.

7. Cosmos

Do you want to grow gorgeous flowers that will produce heavily? Cosmos could be the right flower for your garden. They come in a variety of colors ranging from white, deep red, yellow, and pink.

Simply direct sow their seeds and watch them grow. The more you harvest the flowers, the more they’ll produce. If you cut them right as the blooms are opening, they can last up to a week in your bouquets.

8. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are some of my favorite and easiest flowers to grow. Direct sow the seeds in the appropriate growing conditions, but be sure to protect them until they become established. Birds and other animals might snack on them otherwise.

Also, be sure to give sunflower seeds the space they need. One variety branches, and will need a few feet of space between each flower. Another variety produces only a single stem. You can plant this style of sunflower about a half foot apart.

Be sure to succession plant sunflower seeds every two weeks from the final frost until the middle of summer. You can harvest the sunflowers when the first few petals begin to form. If you harvest at this time, they should last for approximately one week in your flower arrangements.

9. Zinnias

Zinnias are another flower which produce heavier the more they’re harvested. Direct sow the seeds in the proper growing conditions. From there, harvest them right after the blooms have opened.

However, it’s wise to succession plant zinnias. They’re prone to fungal issues. Therefore, you may have to remove some of the flowers. By planting them at different times, you’ll have more to take the place of those which might fall prey to disease.

10. Calendula

Are you looking for a cut flower you can enjoy later in the year? Calendula is a frost-resistant, colorful flower which blooms in layers.

They’d make a great centerpiece of a flower arrangement, or they could work as an accent flower. Be sure to harvest these blooms when they’re halfway open to enjoy them longer.

11. Peony

Don’t you love the sweet smell of peonies? Their blooms are ruffled and layered which makes wonderful floral arrangements, but their fragrance is what draws me to this type of flower.

You can grow peonies that are purple, red, yellow, and even white. Each plant will produce multiple blooms, but each bloom only lasts one week. Peonies, in most planting zones, will bloom during the month of May.

12. Cone Flowers

Cone flowers are hard to miss due to their protruding centers. This is a perennial flower that’s both heat and drought tolerant.

When these plants begin to bloom, they’ll last several weeks on the plant and up to one week once cut for decoration. Be sure to deadhead these flowers to keep them in bloom even longer throughout the year.

13. Delphinium

I’m a big fan of flowers which bloom vertically. Not only are they great for adding charm around the outside of your home, but they make beautiful flower arrangements. This flower boasts gorgeous blueish-purple blooms.

They do need full sun to prosper and would be gorgeous growing along fence lines or around the perimeter of outdoor structures. Delphiniums will bloom in the early summer months and again when heading into fall.

14. Salvia

This is another perennial option for cut flowers. These plants produce vibrant purple blooms and should bloom summer through fall.

Even if you live in a harsher climate, salvia might still work for you as they’re known for being drought tolerant. If you’re searching for rich colors and low-maintenance, salvia could be a great option for you.

15. Yarrow

Yarrow is a gorgeous plant that produces long green stems and golden blooms that stand out in the ground or in a vase.

If you’d like to use this flower as an accent to your homemade floral arrangements, it’s an easy option. The main thing is that yarrow needs full sun. Otherwise, it’s a very forgiving plant.

16. Roses

When picking which flowers to grow for the purpose of cutting and utilizing them in decorations and floral arrangements, the rose is one of the most classic options. There are many varieties and colors of roses. Most roses enjoy full sun and need well-draining soil. 

Also, be mindful of pests and diseases because most roses have a few enemies which hang around the garden. Pick which rose variety you like best, and try your hand at growing it for creating beautiful and classic flower arrangements.

17. Dahlia

Dahlias are the perfect flower for cutting and using in home décor. They remind me of the tissue paper flowers, some people make as a craft, due to their layered blooms.

Keep in mind, dahlias are a perennial flower in planting zones eight through eleven, but you must protect their tubers over winter. These plants don’t like frost and should be planted where they’ll receive full sunlight.

18. Ranunculus

This type of flower starts from a bulb. Therefore, it’s best to plant them in the fall and enjoy their gorgeous blooms in the spring.

Ranunculus produces beautiful circular, pink blooms. They’re a perfect choice for wedding bouquets and other special occasions.

19. Tickseed

Tickseed is one of those flowers that if you don’t look at it, the name may put you off. In reality, this flower grows from bush-like foliage.

From there, daisy-like blooms form in bright colors and are a definite showstopper. Tickseed is a perennial in planting zones four through nine. They’re also drought tolerant and require very little care once they’re firmly established.

20. Aster

Aster is another flower where the blooms remind me of a daisy. However, they bloom in a variety of colors such as pink, purple, blue, and white.

This is a perennial flower that you can enjoy in your yard or in your arrangements for years to come. Asters will bloom in the later portion of summer and into the fall months.

21. Pincushion Flower

We are going to round out our list with the pincushion flower. I, personally, love this flower because of how unique the blooms are. The name came about because the blooms look like a pincushion with needles sticking out of it. 

Pincushion flowers come in both annual and perennial varieties. However, they all like full sun. If you need a splash of color, the pincushion flower is available in red, white, purple, and pink. For a touch of character, consider adding pincushion flowers to your garden.

This concludes our list of easy-to-grow cut flowers. Whether you’re tired of buying flower arrangements or have the gift of homemade décor, there should be something on this list that will help you create the look you’re searching for.

Find a few flowers you think will work in your planting zone, and the growing conditions you can provide around your home, and tackle this new gardening adventure. You never know what beautiful creations are on the horizon.

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