18 Plants to Grow in a Windowless Bathroom

houseplants to grow in bathroom

By Jennifer Poindexter

Do you live in a home where the bathroom has no windows? Would you like to add plants to this space to make it seem more lively?

This can seem like a challenge because most plants enjoy some type of light. You can add supplemental lighting to your space.

However, there are some plants which can thrive naturally in areas with low-lighting. If you’d like a low-maintenance plant to grow in your windowless bathroom, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the options for plants which can grow in spaces with little natural light:

1. ZZ Plant

A zz plant is a medium-sized houseplant that produces oblong leaves that are deep green. This is a low-maintenance plant that thrives in areas with indirect lighting and even enjoys receiving small amounts of light from fluorescent lights.

If you have a bathroom without windows, the zz plant might grow well in this setting. Be sure to grow this plant in well-draining soil and to provide the appropriate amount of water. The less light the plant receives, the less water it should need from you. However, the plant should dry fully between watering sessions.

2. Peace Lily

The peace lily is another medium-sized houseplant. It begins with large foliage that produces long stems. At the end of the stems, a unique bloom develops that’s sure to catch your eye.

When growing a peace lily ensure you meet the necessary growing conditions. This plant needs well-draining soil that’s consistently damp. It also enjoys low amounts of indirect light as too much light can scorch the leaves of the plant.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plants are useful and versatile. It’s a good idea to keep one around your home in case you need to treat a small burn. If you’ve ever grown aloe vera, you might think this plant is a sun-loving plant and in some instances, it is.

However, when growing aloe vera in areas of high heat or humidity, such as in a bathroom, it enjoys less light. By providing well-draining soil and watering your aloe plant once per week, it should thrive under your care.

4. Dumb Cane

Dumb cane, also known as dieffenbachia, is a gorgeous plant that has brilliant foliage. The leaves of this plant have a dark outline, but the center of the leaves are lighter and have a bleached design.

Should you wish to add this plant to your bathroom, you’ll be glad to know it’s a shade-loving plant. It thrives in a location that contains well-draining soil and regular watering sessions. Do allow the soil to dry fully between waterings.

5. Rabbit Foot Fern

This fern is a unique plant, and that’s putting it mildly. The rabbit foot fern produces variegated fronds, like other fern varieties. However, at the bottom, the plant produces fuzzy growths which resemble a rabbit’s foot.

Like most of the plants on this list, the rabbit foot fern thrives in areas of indirect light. It requires well-draining soil, and the top of the soil should remain consistently damp. Try to keep the fern in a growing location with temperatures averaging 70-degrees Fahrenheit.

6. Snake Plant

A snake plant is named honestly. The foliage grows vertically and resembles a snake between the posture and design on the leaves. Should you decide to add a snake plant to your bathroom, be sure to provide adequate growing conditions.

This plant thrives in areas of shade and indirect lighting. Water the plant occasionally. However, don’t over do it as this is a houseplant that thrives off neglect. In return, the plant is known for purifying the air in your home.

Boston fern growing in bathroom

7. Boston Fern

A Boston fern is what many of us think about when we hear the term “fern.” This plant is known for its green fronds that add subtle beauty to most growing locations. However, when growing a Boston fern, you must provide the right growing conditions or the fronds of this plant will turn brown and drop.

To stop this from occurring, choose a growing location with plenty of humidity, indirect lighting, and temperatures around 70-degrees Fahrenheit. Water your ferns regularly, but always check the soil to ensure it dries fully between waterings.

8. Cast Iron Plant

The cast iron plant is another forgiving houseplant that can grow in most soil types as long as water drains from the plant quickly. Cast iron plants can handle a variety of temperatures and desires regular waterings but should never be left in a consistently soggy state.

If you provide the right growing conditions, you should have a gorgeous, green houseplant that produces medium-length stems with vibrant oval leaves at the end of each. This could be a great way to add life and color to a dark bathroom.

9. Golden Pothos

Golden pothos is one of my favorite houseplants. My home is dark, so I must grow plants that love dark corners and indirect light to add natural décor, beauty, and life inside my house. This is why I turn to golden pothos regularly because of their beautiful foliage and forgiving nature.

These plants need well-draining soil but otherwise, thrive from neglect. They don’t need much light and can survive if watered sporadically. The only way to hurt these plants is to leave them in a soggy state on a consistent basis or place them in areas with direct lighting. Over time, this will cause the leaves to scorch.

10. Baby Rubber Plant

The baby rubber plant is a small houseplant that produces dark green, heart-shaped leaves. This plant thrives in areas with bright, moderate, or low indirect lighting.

Plus, it doesn’t need a ton of water. Therefore, be sure to water the plant deeply, but don’t water it again until the soil is fully dry.

11. Lucky Bamboo

Do you enjoy the fun look of bamboo? If so, the lucky bamboo plant could be for you. This plant has the typical bamboo stalks and wispy green foliage which stick out of the top. Whether you’d like a small plant to sit on your counter space or on the back of your commode, lucky bamboo could provide the simple décor you need.

The only thing you must do is water the plant consistently. Otherwise, bathroom lighting and typical home temperatures should keep your bamboo plant healthy and happy.

air plant growing in low light bathroom

12. Air Plant

Air plants are some of the easiest houseplants you can grow. The reason being, they don’t even require soil. Place them in any container you like and watch them go. They should receive the light they need from your bathroom lighting.

Otherwise, soak your air plant in a bowl of water for an hour each week, and it should receive all the moisture it needs to maintain its unique coloring and wispy foliage.

13. Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese evergreen plant grows in a mounded or round shape. It’s a full plant that produces green leaves with a fun design made from lighter shades of greens within each leaf. If you’d like to grow Chinese evergreen in your bathroom, it should do well for you since this plant is known for enjoying a growing location with low light.

This plant enjoys warmer conditions and also loves a humid growing location. You should only water Chinese evergreen a few times per month to keep it healthy and thriving.

14. Arrowhead Plant

The arrowhead plant is another plant which is named for its looks. It produces foliage that’s shaped like arrowheads. The leaves also have a dark green outline with a light green center.

This is another favorite houseplant of mine. It can survive in areas with low, indirect light. The only thing it needs is well-draining soil that’s given time to dry partially between waterings.

15. Blue Star Fern

The blue star fern is another unique house plant as its foliage is rich, green, and wavy. Between the color and unique texture of the leaves, this is a great plant to brighten a dull space.

If you’d like to grow a blue star fern, be sure to provide the right growing conditions. The fern loves humidity, indirect lighting, and fluffy, well-draining soil.

16. English Ivy

English ivy is a traditional houseplant that many people grow due to its simplicity. As long as you keep the growing conditions consistent, the leaves should maintain their rich color.

When growing English ivy, provide a growing location with well-draining soil that’s consistently damp. This plant can grow in areas of low lighting. However, it may impact the speed at which it grows.

17. Philodendron

Philodendron is another traditional houseplant that many people love because of its beautiful, green, heart-shaped foliage. This plant adds subtle beauty to any area it’s grown. If this sounds like a look you’d like to introduce to your bathroom, start by providing a container that’s filled with well-draining soil.

You should water your philodendron anywhere from two to four times per month. The plant can thrive in areas of low light, but it may impact how full the plant becomes or how quickly it grows.

18. Spider Plant

The spider plant is our last option for growing in a windowless bathroom. This plant does best when kept out of direct sunlight as this can scorch the leaves.

However, if you grow the spider plant in well-draining soil, water it weekly, and supply a growing location with some humidity, the plant should do well.

You now have eighteen different options for plants that grow well in a bathroom with low lighting. Some plants may not grow as quickly in this setting, but they should still do well as long as their growing conditions are met.

Now that you have a few ideas, consider which plants you like best. From there, ensure you understand what type of care they’ll need from you. Then start adding natural beauty to your space with these plant options that may grow in a windowless bathroom.

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