Plant these Fruits & Vegetbles Once to Harvest Year-Round Food in the Tropics

John from visits a fellow YouTuber Our Tropical Soils that grows food year-round in South Florida near Miami. Filmed Before COVID in January

In this episode, you will learn more about fruits and vegetable plants you can plant just once and then harvest food year-round to eat from your garden. You will learn about herbs, perennial vegetables, easy to grow tubers, vining crops, and fruits that can grow in the tropics or some sub-tropical locations that don’t get a frost. These edible landscaping plants will allow you to harvest food out of your yard year-round.

First, John will share how you can hide edible plants in with your traditional landscape that can be eaten if you are not allowed to grow edible plants in your front yard.

You will discover some easy to grow herbs that can be planted once and then provide food for you and beneficial insects. You will discover how the primary source of fertility used on this land is free woodchips that are delivered.

Next, you will learn how areas of the backyard that still contains lots of grass can be used to create “permaculture” islands with stacked plants of different types, including tubers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables that look good but more importantly provide food to eat. You will learn about Roselle, Chayote, Malanga, and more.

You will get a short tour of the backyard fruit tree orchard where many trees that produce fruit are grown. You will discover how some fruit can be easily individually protected from bugs by using inexpensive bags to keep the bugs out.

You will learn about a permaculture island or bed that has many edible plants that you can grow in South Florida or other places that have a similar climate.

You will discover how you can use pots to grow food, and why a raised bed garden that normally is planted with annual vegetables remain empty, yet there is still food in this garden that has been planted out with mostly perennial vegetables and fruits.

You will learn more about Jicama, aka Yam Bean, as well as more perennial leafy green vegetables such as longevity spinach, Okinawan spinach, moringa, and katuk.

Finally, John will interview Melanie and ask her about her garden that she did not plant anything this season yet still has food growing to eat, why most Floridians do not know about the special perennial plants that she grows in her garden, as well as some of the easiest crops you can grow and much more.

After watching this episode you will learn about the best fruits, vegetables, and tubers that you plant just once and will provide you with food year-round in South Florida or other areas that are in a Zone 10b.

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