Eight of the best children’s gardening gloves in 2023

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Just like seasoned gardeners rely on their trusty tools, kids embarking on the start of their gardening adventures need the right gear to protect themselves. A pair of kids’ gardening gloves is the perfect accessory for the job.

A good pair of gloves can help children keep their hands safe and comfortable, whilst encouraging them to spend more time in their outdoor spaces. Whether they’re planting seeds, tackling weeds or discovering the wonders of the garden, gloves can help make gardening an exciting and enjoyable experience for young horticulturists.

But, with so many options on the market, it can be hard to sift through hundreds of kids’ gardening gloves to find the right pair for your children. To help, we’ve taken a closer look at the top choices available to advise you on which gloves will be best for children, and why.

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The best gardening gloves for kids in 2023

Here are the the best gardening gloves for children according to our experts:

Burgon and Ball National Trust Kids’ Gloves

Burgon and Ball Kids Gloves

Burgon and Ball’s ‘Get Me Gardening’ children’s garden gloves are a collaboration with the National Trust and feature a charming hedgehog design. The gloves ensure your children’s hands stay clean and protected, and are made from durable stretchy fabric. These gloves are not only fun but also easy to maintain and can be put through the washing machine if your little ones get them too dirty.

Price: £8.99

Buy the Burgon and Ball ‘Get Me Gardening’ gloves at John Lewis

Briers Kids Junior Diggers

Briers Kids Junior Diggers - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Briers Kids Junior Diggers

These Briers children’s gloves have knitted cuffs to help keep out any compost and latex-coated palms which means they have a durable feel. They are tough and promise to provide great protection against thorns, spikes and splinters. Better for bigger kids, these gloves tend to be quite large and even fit some of the adults. They are available in orange and green or orange and blue and sizes 6-10.

Price: £3.25

Buy the Briers Kids Junior Diggers from Ebay

Pacific Kids’ Gardening Gloves Three Pairs

Pacific gloves

These gloves are made from natural latex for comfort and breathability, featuring thickened fingertips for protection and flexibility. They offer a non-slip grip and come in various sizes for children, making them perfect for gardening and outdoor activities. With a value pack of three pairs, they are great for a family of young gardeners.

Price: £9.99

Buy the Pacific Kids’ Gardening Gloves from Amazon

Town and Country Kids Master Gardener

Town and Country Kids Master Gardener - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Town and Country Kids Master Gardener

These children’s gardening gloves from Town and Country are another kids’ version of a classic adult pair. They are heavy-duty and offer great protection with knitted wrists to keep the compost out. The cotton and rubber combination on the fingers gives the gloves a comfortable and dexterous feel with pairs available in pink or blue and sizes 3 – 7.

Price: £6.49

Buy the Town and Country Kids Master Gardener gloves from Ebay

Verve Gardening gloves

B&Q kids gloves

These versatile gloves are ideal for keeping kids’ hands clean during their outdoor adventures. Crafted from 100% polyester with a latex coating, these gloves are designed to protect against dirt and are suitable for children aged 7-9. With a unisex yellow and green colour scheme and a one-size-fits-all design, they offer both comfort and practicality for young explorers.

Price: £2

Buy the Verve Gardening Gloves at B&Q

Kent and Stowe Pink Dinosaur Kids’ Gardening Gloves

Kids dinasour gloves

The Kent and Stowe Pink Dinosaur Kids’ Gardening Gloves are crafted from soft cotton to ensure comfort for your young garden helpers. These impossible-to-lose pink gloves not only keep little hands clean but also provide protection from grazes and cuts. With a two-year warranty, they’re a reliable choice for budding gardeners aged 5-9.

Price: £3.49

Buy the Kent and Stowe Pink Dinosaur Kid’s Gardening Gloves from ManoMano

Briers Kids Junior Riggers

Briers Kids Junior Riggers - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Briers Kids Junior Riggers

These classic rigger gloves are hard-wearing and have long sleeves to protect the wrist and lower arm. The long cuffs not only prevent dirt from entering the glove but can help to keep little fingers warm in the Winter. They have a grown-up look with soft leather palms with a canvas back. They are vailable in blue in sizes 8-12 and orange in sizes 4-7.

Price: £5.49

Buy the Briers Kids Junior Riggers from Ebay

Kids’ Junior Diggers Gardening Gloves

Kids junior diggers gardening gloves

These kids’ gardening gloves from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds are the perfect way to involve children in gardening while keeping their hands clean and safe. They feature a playful orange and lime-green colour scheme and are sized for kids aged 5-9. With their elasticated design, these gloves ensure a secure and comfortable fit for little gardeners.

Price: £4

Buy the Kid’s Junior Diggers Gardening Gloves from RSPB

How to choose the best children’s gardening gloves?

If you want to choose the right gardening gloves for your child then there are a few factors to consider beforehand. Here are the main ones:

Size and fit

It’s important to choose a glove that fits your child’s hands comfortably to keep them safe and encourage them to spend time in the garden. A snug fit ensures that the gloves won’t slip off during gardening tasks, providing better control and preventing accidents.

Keep in mind that gloves that are too tight can be uncomfortable, so opt for ones that allow some room for movement while not being overly loose. When picking a pair of gloves look for ones that are specifically designed for children. Often gloves will cater for different age groups so make sure to pick a pair in the size bracket your child falls into.

Material and durability

Children’s gardening gloves are usually made from cotton, polyester or a blend of both. These materials offer a good balance between comfort and durability. When picking a material you should consider the type of gardening your child will be doing.

For more rugged activities like handling thorny plants or digging in the soil, you could choose gloves with reinforced fingertips or several layers of protection. Other helpful features to look for are gloves with latex or rubber coatings on the palms and fingers for added grip and protection against dirt and minor scrapes.

Design and appeal

Kids are more likely to enjoy gardening when they have gloves with a design or colour they love. Many children’s gardening gloves come in vibrant and playful designs featuring animals, patterns or popular characters. Choosing gloves with a design that resonates with your child’s interests can make gardening a fun and engaging activity.

This article was last updated in September 2023, we apologise if any of the items or prices have since changed.



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