You Probably Already Own The Best Gardening Stool!

a 5 gallon bucket makes a great gardening stool

by Michelle Smith

Gardening is a rewarding activity that brings us closer to nature, but it can also be physically demanding. One essential accessory that can make gardening more comfortable and enjoyable is a gardening stool. But why spend money on a commercial product when an upside-down 5 gallon bucket can serve the same purpose? Let’s explore the benefits of using a simple 5 gallon bucket as your gardening stool.

First and foremost, using an upside down 5 gallon bucket is a wallet-friendly option. Commercial gardening stools can be pricey, with some models even reaching triple digits. In contrast, a 5 gallon bucket can be found at a fraction of the cost, or you probably already have one lying around in your garage. I know I have at least three in my garage right now. By repurposing a bucket you no longer need, you’re contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Don’t have one in your garage but want one fast because you’re ready to garden today? Head over to your nearest Home Depot and buy one of their cheap, branded orange ones!

Now, let’s talk about durability. A 5 gallon bucket is designed to carry heavy loads, making it strong enough to support most body weights. You won’t need to worry about the bucket collapsing or breaking under you while you’re weeding or planting. It’s a reliable, sturdy option that can withstand the test of time, unlike some commercial gardening stools that may not offer the same level of stability.

Assembly is another key aspect to consider, and with a 5 gallon bucket, there’s no assembly required. Just flip it upside down, and you’ve got yourself a gardening stool. Commercial products, on the other hand, may come with complicated instructions or require tools for assembly, which can be frustrating and time-consuming.

And hey, a 5 gallon bucket offers versatility that commercial gardening stools may not provide. Need to transport soil, compost, or tools around the garden? Just flip the bucket right side up and use it as a carrying container. This multi-functional aspect is not only convenient but also saves you the trouble of purchasing separate items for each task. Take that expensive “only does one thing” commercial stool.

Lastly, let’s not forget about the portability factor. A 5 gallon bucket is lightweight and easy to move around the garden, making it an ideal companion for all your gardening needs. With a commercial stool, you might find yourself lugging around a heavier, bulkier item that can be more of a hindrance than a help.

An upside down 5 gallon bucket offers a practical, cost-effective, and versatile solution for a gardening stool. It’s a no-frills option that can make your gardening experience more comfortable and enjoyable. So, the next time you’re out in the garden, give the lowly 5 gallon bucket a try and see how it measures up to its commercial counterparts.

If you absolutely find it necessary to spend money, they also sell special lids and aprons that go around the bucket to help you carry more stuff.

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