What’s the best hand weeding tool?

weeding the garden with hand tool

QUESTION: What’s the best hand weeding tool? There are so many different looking options, but I have no idea what’s good or not good. Help! – Lorraine W

ANSWER: Unfortunately, choosing the single BEST hand weeding tool will depend to a large extent on your preferences. Here’s the good news though! I have a few things you should consider when picking a hand weeding tool and a few suggestions you might wish to try in your garden.

The first thing to consider is the handle of the tool. You can choose between short-handled tools and long-handled tools.

Short-handled tools are a good choice for tough weeds or compact gardening spaces. This type of tool will allow you to put more force behind removing weeds, and it will also give you more control in a compact space.

Long-handled tools don’t provide as much of an impact as the short-handled tools, but they’re good for covering larger areas. They are easier on your back as well.

If you only need to remove shallow weeds from an open gardening space, a long-handled garden hoe would be a good choice of tool. 

When I’m working in my garden, I prefer to work with a long-handled garden hoe, a short-handled garden hoe, and a garden knife.

The long-handled garden hoe is great when I need to knock down shallow-rooted weeds in a traditional garden plot. I usually start with this tool and get the “easy” weeds out of the way without killing my back in the process.

Once this is done, I pull out my short-handled garden hoe and start removing the more stubborn weeds. I also use this tool when I’m working in my raised beds as I have more control and am less likely to damage any surrounding plants.

Finally, if I come across a root or a deeply rooted weed that simply won’t budge, I use my garden knife. You can insert it into the soil and get a different type of leverage which typically removes the difficult weeds from your gardening space.

In my opinion, I don’t think there is simply one “best” hand weeding tool. There are too many factors which go into a gardening tool working in different circumstances.

There are a variety of weeds which grow at different depths. There are also many different gardening methods.

Therefore, it’s wise to keep a few different tools on hand to ensure you’re prepared for any type of weed and for each style of gardening you may use around your home.

However, if you can narrow it down to a handful of tools that help keep your garden healthy and weed-free, you’re moving in the right direction.

The tools mentioned above should work for most gardeners and most gardening methods. Try them all or pick the one which you think is best for your specific situation.

Hopefully, you’ll find the trusty tools you need to have a pleasant gardening experience and an easier time staying ahead of weeds.

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