The best bulbs from DutchGrown

DutchGrown Tulip Collections

For four generations, DutchGrown has exported the finest flower bulbs from the Netherlands to the world. With the largest range of Dutch tulips on the British market, their 130 different varieties offer something for every gardener.

They’re currently boasting a range of new varieties and bulb mixes, and a host of fantastic discounts. You can even get 5% off bulbs just for signing up to their newsletter.

Read on to find some of their best offers and the exciting new bulbs for 2022.

DutchGrown’s best new bulbs and bulb mixes

New for 2022: Allium ‘Red Giant’

DutchGrown Allium ‘Red Giant’

This handsome allium is a brand new variety for 2022. Get ahead of the curve with this purple-red allium, which offers a more interesting palate than the played-out purple of other varieties. ‘Red Giant’ is smaller than other alliums, so instead of planting them at the back of flowerbeds as you might with taller, more slender varieties, try growing them at the front of borders, or in a container for an impressive patio display.

Price: 5 bulbs for £4.60

Buy the allium ‘Red Giant’ at DutchGrown

Exclusive and new for 2022: The Tulip Frizzle Sizzle Mix

DutchGrown Tulip Frizzle Sizzle Mix

If you want tulips with a little edge, take a look at DutchGrown’s brand new Tulip Frizzle Sizzle mix. This exclusive collection of fiery peony double and fringed tulips offers intriguing textures that are sure to be a talking point.

Price: 20 bulbs for £14.20

Buy the Tulip Frizzle Sizzle Collection at DutchGrown

DutchGrown’s Newest Tulip for 2022: ‘Double Shake’

DutchGrown Tulip ‘Double Shake’

DutchGrown’s latest tulip is a must-have for next spring. This gorgeous plant grows to a towering 55cm, and changes colour as the season progresses, moving from from a cottony cream into blushing pinks and red, all while providing an incredible scent. It’s proving incredibly popular, so get your bulbs while you can.

Price: 10 bulbs for £9.20

Buy Tulip ‘Double Shake’ at DutchGrown

DutchGrown’s best bulb collections

10% off on the Hyacinth Empire State Mix

DutchGrown Hyacinth Empire State Mix

For an explosion of colour and scent, check out the Hyacinth Empire State Mix. This collection of delicate pinks and purples, soft yellows, and cool, deep blue hyacinths brings excitement to flower beds in spring.

Price: 10 bulbs for £7.10

Get 10% off on the Hyacinth Empire State Mix at DutchGrown

10% OFF on the Muscari Magic Mix (Grape Hyacinths)

DutchGrown Muscari Magic Mix

These fairytale Muscari, or grape hyacinths will provide much-needed colour when they flower at the end of winter. This Magic Mix is just right for cottage gardens, offering graceful hues of purple, pink, and blue. They’re a great investment, too – not only are they 10% off, but because they’re perennials, they’ll provide sights and scents for years to come.

Price: 25 bulbs for £7.50

Get 10% OFF on the Muscari Magic Mix at DutchGrown



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