Quick Tip: Water Seeds and Seedlings from Beneath

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By Jennifer Poindexter

If you’re new to starting your own plants, you may wonder which is the best way to water them. I’ve been gardening for over twelve years now, and I’ve tried many different methods when starting seeds.

Direct sowing seeds is one of the easier methods, but if you like to get a jump on your gardening season (or live where the growing season is shorter) starting seeds indoors may be the better option.

In this case, it’s all about providing the warmth and water new seeds need to form strong plants. The best way I’ve found to supply water to seedlings is from beneath.

Here’s the method which works best for me when watering seeds and seedlings:

Quick Tip – Water Seeds and Seedlings from Beneath

When I’m starting seeds, I select a container with ample drainage. Then I fill it with quality, well-draining soil.

I use an ink pen to poke a small hole in the dirt and drop two seeds per hole. Sometimes I practice the overseeding method.

However, with plants which grow larger, I usually only place two seeds per container or cell in a growing tray.

I plant two seeds as an insurance policy in case one seed fails to germinate

From there, I lightly cover the seeds and mist the top of the dirt with water from a spray bottle. Then I place the growing containers in a plastic tray.

It’s normal to have multiple smaller containers (or one large growing container with cells) per tray.

I fill the bottom of the tray with approximately an inch or two of water. Keep a close eye on the containers because you should notice the soil remaining damp.

Once the soil is evenly damp, if there’s still water in the second tray, you may pour it out. Then, as the soil begins drying out, add more water to the tray.

I like this method of watering because it helps me keep the moisture level in the soil balanced without much effort. 

Prior to this watering method, I struggled with ensuring my newer plants received the right amount of water.

In turn, I faced quite a few failures when starting seeds. This method of watering helped me overcome this issue and find greater success when starting my own plants from seed.

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